The millennials and the wrong end of the stick

The highest marginal tax rate may have been 90% under Ronald Reagan but almost nobody actually paid that rate.

IF the Boomers thrived it was because they kept their eye on the prize and did not spend their most productive years hiding out in the womb of academia YOU YOURSELF just admitted millennials do today obtaining multiple degrees rather than acquiring marketable skills.

What I find interesting is that in my shop the millennial generation is well-represented, probably the highest percentage of all employees and they are doing very well and the reason they are doing very well is because they got out in the real world and earned a living rather than hiding out in safe spaces seeking multiple degrees.

They have houses, they have cars and they have families and if they ARE crippled by debt they’re certainly not showing it or talking about it.

What history is going to ultimately prove is that there was no difference between the Boomer and the millennial generations when it comes to opportunities.

Plenty of baby boomers failed just as we are seeing plenty of millennials fail but those boomers who were willing to work and made smart Life choices generally succeeded just as we are seeing the millennials who are willing to work and make smart Life choices generally succeed.

Any generation is going to have its whiners of course, the lazy who don’t want to work and blame everybody else for their failures, the only difference today is that the millennials have a higher percentage of the lazy and the unmotivated and they have forums to go public with their whines that were not available to previous generations

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