Trump Bashing Opportunities and the Federal Shutdown


The problem I have with this more than anything is the way the media and the lawmakers have cherry-picked the poster boys and girls for the shutdown.

Both of our Senators for example focused on high-end earners like air traffic controllers who make a VERY good living, certainly enough to have had six month emergency fund on hand assuming they have been employed for a number of years in spite of the fact that the federal employee handbook makes it clear that such an emergency fund is strongly recommended for anyone working in government service.

Even I was able to do that with my piddling little job that paid squat after 3 years employment.

The OTHER problem I have is the way the TSA Union stepped in to sue the federal government for “damages” before they TSA members MISSED A SINGLE PAYCHECK. That was clearly BS.

And then of course we have the fluff card being played in many examples being used to describe the horrible life the unpaid federal workers were facing, one woman whining because the big tragedy in her family was going have postpone a vacation junket to Montana until midsummer for example.

And of course the fabrication inherent in claiming federal employees “were working without pay” when in fact they were working for “deferred” pay.

Big difference.

Then you had odds and ends like the interview with the IRS employee who said she wanted to see the public suffer because she felt the public did not feel her pain.
Having dealt with the IRS on minor matters I can say with confidence when dealing with the IRS the public feels PLENTY of pain even in normal times.

Then you have stories like this one.
NPR did a long segment on this with the slant I guess that the opportunity to go to free Comedy School somehow was illustrative of the horrible life federal employees were leading who suddenly found themselves with time on their hands.

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