Astronauts head to launch site for SpaceX flight

CAPE CANAVERAL, Fla. (AP) — Four astronauts arrived at Kennedy Space Center on Sunday for SpaceX’s second crew launch, coming up next weekend. Astronaut Soichi Noguchi, of Japan, from left, NASA Astronauts Shannon Walker, Victor Glover and Michael Hopkins walk after arriving at Kennedy Space Center, Sunday, Nov. 8, 2020, in Cape Canaveral, Fla. The […]

Astronauts head to launch site for SpaceX flight

At the point of a gun

Whether the mask is “required” or not, everybody who loves their children and their elderly relatives and their community and their country is going to mask-up regardless of what’s the official policy is.

Reasonable people would agree that those who have to be forced to do the right thing at the point of gun don’t necessarily make good citizens.

Be ye righteous

According to the good book If  Christians are righteous and right with God  they need not fear this virus.

According to the Bible the only people who are going to get infected in church are those Christian preachers and Padres  and parishioners who have sin in their hearts and are not righteous nor Walking  with Jesus

The Bible is clear on this

Mark 16:17-18 New King James Version (NKJV)

17 And these signs will follow those who believe: In My name they will cast out demons; they will speak with new tongues; 18 they will take up serpents; and if they drink anything deadly, it will by no means hurt them; they will lay hands on the sick, and they will recover.”


The Governor Must Go

If Governor Ralph Northam does not resign he will deny the Democratic Party and the liberal community overall the right to claim the moral high ground regarding race relations in the Commonwealth of Virginia.

Failure to resign will be especially heinous since it will deny Lieutenant Governor of Virginia Justin Fairfax the opportunity to make history as the second African American Governor to serve Virginia in the modern era.

Trump Bashing Opportunities and the Federal Shutdown


The problem I have with this more than anything is the way the media and the lawmakers have cherry-picked the poster boys and girls for the shutdown.

Both of our Senators for example focused on high-end earners like air traffic controllers who make a VERY good living, certainly enough to have had six month emergency fund on hand assuming they have been employed for a number of years in spite of the fact that the federal employee handbook makes it clear that such an emergency fund is strongly recommended for anyone working in government service.

Even I was able to do that with my piddling little job that paid squat after 3 years employment.

The OTHER problem I have is the way the TSA Union stepped in to sue the federal government for “damages” before they TSA members MISSED A SINGLE PAYCHECK. That was clearly BS.

And then of course we have the fluff card being played in many examples being used to describe the horrible life the unpaid federal workers were facing, one woman whining because the big tragedy in her family was going have postpone a vacation junket to Montana until midsummer for example.

And of course the fabrication inherent in claiming federal employees “were working without pay” when in fact they were working for “deferred” pay.

Big difference.

Then you had odds and ends like the interview with the IRS employee who said she wanted to see the public suffer because she felt the public did not feel her pain.
Having dealt with the IRS on minor matters I can say with confidence when dealing with the IRS the public feels PLENTY of pain even in normal times.

Then you have stories like this one.
NPR did a long segment on this with the slant I guess that the opportunity to go to free Comedy School somehow was illustrative of the horrible life federal employees were leading who suddenly found themselves with time on their hands.

Native American drummers and the wrong end of the stick

Open Letter to Ann Marie

You clearly have the wrong end of the stick.

just because the Native American was an old man does not give him license to get in somebody’s face like that.

Would you have taken it? Would I?

Of course we would not have.

We should be giving the youngster credit for his self control while the old dude was clearly attempting to humiliate and embarrass him.

You’ll note the Native American did NOT attempt this stunt with the adult black Israelis but instead targeted  the youngster because he felt the youngster would be easy pickings

The millennials and the wrong end of the stick

The highest marginal tax rate may have been 90% under Ronald Reagan but almost nobody actually paid that rate.

IF the Boomers thrived it was because they kept their eye on the prize and did not spend their most productive years hiding out in the womb of academia YOU YOURSELF just admitted millennials do today obtaining multiple degrees rather than acquiring marketable skills.

What I find interesting is that in my shop the millennial generation is well-represented, probably the highest percentage of all employees and they are doing very well and the reason they are doing very well is because they got out in the real world and earned a living rather than hiding out in safe spaces seeking multiple degrees.

They have houses, they have cars and they have families and if they ARE crippled by debt they’re certainly not showing it or talking about it.

What history is going to ultimately prove is that there was no difference between the Boomer and the millennial generations when it comes to opportunities.

Plenty of baby boomers failed just as we are seeing plenty of millennials fail but those boomers who were willing to work and made smart Life choices generally succeeded just as we are seeing the millennials who are willing to work and make smart Life choices generally succeed.

Any generation is going to have its whiners of course, the lazy who don’t want to work and blame everybody else for their failures, the only difference today is that the millennials have a higher percentage of the lazy and the unmotivated and they have forums to go public with their whines that were not available to previous generations

Air traffic controllers, the budget shutdown and the wrong end of the stick


I didn’t make anythink close to $125k a year and yet there was no time in my life except for five years after I graduated from college that I did not have an emergency fund of at least 6 months expenses.

There is no reason at over $125k these air traffic controllers could not have done the same.

I heard an interview today on NPR from the wife of one of them whining because she was not going to be able to take a VACATION this year if this goes on.

No one is say that the woman did not deserve a vacation but it does demonstrate that we are hardly talkin about destitute people here when it comes to providing the necessities of shelter and food on the table if inability to take a vacation is their biggest concern.

The Secret Power of AOC

I think everybody is drawn to AOC because the media has made it a point to try to elevate her as the sole face of the new Democratic Party.

She is the only person we hear about anymore, the only person besides Nancy Pelosi that is a household name as far as the House of Representatives go.

Why has she been elevated by the media above all others in this new Congress?

Because she is attractive, she says funny stuff which always is good for a headline and while AOC is a person of color she is not so much so that she turns off the white editors like the people who put together HuffPost and other social media outlets.
In other words in the eyes of your average social media editor she passes for white.

The danger of course like any other media created flavor of the month her time in the sunshine could be short-lived just as we saw happen with David Hogg.

Open Borders and Ellis Island

I see I have to be the voice of reason here.
First off let me say this.
I don’t see a problem with open borders.

But that said the difference between the immigrants who came through Ellis Island and the migrant caravanners is that the ones who came through Ellis island didn’t try to crash through the borders by force as we saw happen on our Southern border last night.

I think it’s fair to say that had the immigrants that came through Ellis Island resorted to that kind of violence to gain entry to the United States the response of the immigration officials would have been about the same as it is today.

Not to defend the border patrol but we ARE talking about a very different sort of mindset among the immigrant community desiring entry into this country.