The Right Wing Militias at the Border justified?

  • There hasĀ  been a lot of talk on social media forums regarding the various right-wing militias mobilizing to head to Texas and confront the migrant Caravan currently winding its way North.

While proponents of such claim such a presence is necessary to prevent murders, robberies and rapes by a hungry and desperate invading Force others question the need for such an operation considering the President Donald J Trump is sending upward of 15k trained and equipped battle ready troops to take on this Caravan.

The question arises, is this “patriotism” or merely adventurism by white males of the right-wing persuasion who have time on their hands.

One way to look at it, copied from an OP spied on a social media forum.

“And you’re saying Reg that Donald J Trump’s small army of active duty combat trained military are not going to be able to handle a couple of handful of broke and hungry and unarmed largely women and children and prevent them from going on robbery and murder and rape rampages throughout Texas.

Well that explains why we’re getting our butts kicked in Afghanistan I guess.

Maybe these right-wing militias should consider service over there too if they are the “Patriots” they claim to be.

Oh, but that’s different you say, those people in Afghanistan shoot back.”

Needless to say this OP does not necessarily represent the Viewpoint of this page.

It is merely offered for educational purposes and presents one point of view on this issue.